Thursday, 14 May 2009

The garden is blooming well now,and the fruits of my labours are showing...the AKTINIDIA looked beautiful this morning bathed in early morning sunlight,I had to rush out and get a photo before the sun decided to disappear.Sieze the day and all that!

I have been out there most evenings when the weather has been good enough,I just love it.Of course it does mean the house starts to look a bit jaded but we get so little really nice weather I feel I have to make the most...hope you are all keeping well and busy.It is the time of year when my mind (like many of yours,I am sure)starts to think of small changes you might make at home...I am set on getting rid of my practical but huge leather sofas in favour of some white slipcovered ones....not sure it is altogether practical with three cats and two sons...does anyone have any advice before I take the plunge?

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  1. Pleased to meet you! Lovely blog you've got. You are very brave to even think white with boys & cats!!!