Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Roses,Roses and Roses

Anyone who knows me well will know I have a passion for them! In the garden,on cushions,china,and on my walls.I have a growing collection of paintings(not very valuable,except to me)These are my latest,both quite small.Often these paintings were done my women,like myself no doubt! I often wonder at what their lives were like,as most of the paintings do have some age to them.I have decided to take up a painting class myself in the Autumn term and "have a go" at painting roses myself....I wonder if anyone will ponder about my efforts in the future?

My Latest Finds

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ohhh,I got up early this morning and went car booting!

Look what I found.You know when you find something you just LOVE and it costs pennies(even better).This lovely shabby chic lampshade replaces one I was never so keen on and my vintage standard lamp. I just love it to bits.Happy girl.I love looking at all your blogs and seeing what inspires you all...somehow it inspires me more! Hope you all have alovely weekend...she says,sipping her cherry and cinnamon tea and admiring her rosy lamp aglow.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Woke this morning to find the sun streaming into the dining room/study.Beautiful..doesn't it make you feel good to see the play of light on your home and garden?Pity I had no time to sit and while away some time,but have to get off to work pronto.
The rose painting is my latest car boot find..a large oil from the 50s all for £15.The painting is lovely and has great texture too,I am sure it is set to become a real favourite with me."More roses" laughed the boys.Ah well, it is an innocent enough hobby..hurts no one. And my youngest left me a sweet note in the kitchen.He had run out of tracing paper for some design work for school.I had a roll of baking paper that did the job. "love you Mum,"he wrote.I am a happy gal on my way to work.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Some more photos of my lovely garden.I spend as much time as I can out here..love it,love it,love it!
lots of my plants have been sourced at car boot fairs..I hunt them out as well as looking for lovely treasures for our home.
There is nothing like a garden in which to while away the hours,is there?

I had a busy few days in the garden this holiday.I dug out an overgrown messy flowerbed and paved the area,placing pots and a bench there from where I can sit and drink my coffee.It didnt take long and I am pleased with the result..I love my garden but I do need to have it easy to take care of.

The boys helped me dig out the VERY established plants as some of them did not want to move easily.It will be so much easier for me to look after,and I have already drunk coffee(and eaten easter eggs) surveying the garden from the bench.

Just goes to show ..you can do anything you set your mind to!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Just to wish you all a Happy Easter.Hope you all have a lovely time with your families.

I have hidden the eggs away for my boys and told them not to buy me any chocolate.Daffs will be nicer.Maybe.Or maybe I will just pinch a bit of theirs.

The garden has kept me very busy so have not posted for a while,though I have been reading other blogs ,some of which I find very inspiring.