Friday, 20 February 2009

Do you love vases too?

One of my all time favourites is this little vase found for just 50p,it has enamelled flowers ona white ground.Since the neck is so small it holds a single bud...often a clipped David Austin rose from my garden...during the winter one of BLOOMs faux roses does duty!

I love Blooms flowers,especially the roses...they are not cheap but they look so good and last forever.Friends and family know they are a favourite "gift" for me so I have now got quite a few.And their sale is brilliant!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lunch Date

I am going out for a lovely lunch today with a dear friend...will have to watch the menu as I consumed rather too much champagne last night watching THE BRITS! Was really delighted to see Duffy win three wards as ROCKFERRY accompanies me on my early morning drives to car boot sales!

And of course..U2 were on.Had to watch.So we did,and consumed a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine too.I slept like a log! Am getting too old for drinking too much wine....for sure.But there you go.I will try and avoid it at lunchtime but can't make any promises.

Hope you are all well and having a good day out there in "blogland"

~Favourite Paintings~

A couple of my favourite paintings that I have here at home,both found at car boot sales over the years.I would never part with them...for a few pounds they have given sooo much pleasure.Of course I am hoping that one day I will find a hugely valuable painting...then I can retire!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I ventured out early this morning to tackle the overgrown roses and generally tidy up a little(now rained off!)and found my snowdrops are nodding their snowy white heads ...who doesn't love snowdrops?

The blackbirds sought the opportunity to pester me(nicely!for titbits.Well,I couldn't say "no" could I?

Latest Car Boot Sale Find!

I love this pretty old mirror,found at the last car boot sale I went to.It has replaced the modern "venetian"one that graced the bathroom before...this lovely old one is so much lovelier...with its obvious signs of years of wear and tear......I love how the cottage is constantly evolving...and am really inspired by other like minded girls...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The cottage in all it's glory~what an honour! I love interiors magazines,so this was a real thrill.

Isn't she lovely?

One of my favourite car boot sale finds.Found in August 2008,she lifts my spirits every day.

A corner of the dining room,with car boot sale cupboard doors,and my adored Kate Forman cushions,in ROSES design.

"I long to sit in the garden with the sun upon my face, to feel the warmth like a comforting blanket around my heart...and feel the delight of knowing everything will be okay"

Todays snapshots

Two snaps of my dining room,with new IKEA striped curtains~Love em!

Junk shop chest of drawers and of my all time favourite "finds"from a car boot,I love her "battered"and soft look.

And Charlie,a neighbours cat who is a frequent (and not always welcome to Mouse!) visitor.He IS beautiful though.

Mine is one of only two gardens in the street of terraced houses and so all the cats gravitate here(the other garden is frequented by the owners dogs and far less hospitable!)I Do love seeing them all,but not so keen on the inevitable clean up job!Bless em!


My boys,My family and friends,cats (including those that "visit"and hang out)roses,gardens,decorating,car boot shopping,thrift store shopping...ebay(where I sometimes sell treasures that I have no room for due to the constant restyling that is my home!)early morning...birdsong,sunshine,

My garden,my humble treasures!

People who inspire me...

My sons,my Mum, My Sister(Es,I love you)Rachel Ashwell,Cath Kidston,Nelson Mandela,Bono,Barack Obama,and people who never give up.

Home Sweet Home~My Kitchen~Simple Pleasures

Hello ,
My first attempt at blogging..not sure I will be any good at it,but here it goes.
I live in North Yorkshire with my two beautiful sons,in a pretty cottage with a large and charming garden,which keeps me very busy.In addition to the beautiful sons I also have three lovely girls(cats!)...Misha,Mouse and Mazzy.( affectionately known as the M and M's)
I am a huge fan of the shabby chic decorating style and as the name indicates..ROSES,ROSES and MORE ROSES.
I love decorating and styling the rooms in my home,although I have little free time as I work full time too.