Thursday, 30 July 2009

Car Boot Pillows~Aren't they lovely?

I found these two pillows at a car boot sale last weekend,they were an unusual shape but found two cheap standard pillows filled them beautifully.Now they adorn my bed and I love them.

I really do get the greatest pleasure from stuff that costs hardly anything...maybe in these cash poor days we will all be recycling more...for those of us that have ALWAYS thrift shopped I welcome this! (Cept we dont want the competion do we girls?)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Spent the early part of this week in London visiting friends and galleries/shops.Saw the Waterhouse Exhibition and the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.Am trying to summon up the energy to emulsion the dining room walls but failing so far,at the moment I just feel tired all the time.
The sofas are now installed in the living room and what a difference it has made,despite the constant vaccumming after MISHA has slept all day on one of the chairs,dratted cat!
It is ages since I blogged and so I have told myself I must keep up! I do still check in on other blogs and marvel at the dedication and inguenity of some of you lovely ladies!